10 Travel Hacks everyone should use

1.      Roll you clothes.

 If you are like me, when it comes to packing you want to make to the most of it. A recent hack I learned is rolling your clothes and I have been using it ever since.

Typical packing involves folding your clothes in squares or rectangles and stacking them on top of each other. Believe it or not that takes up more space – I know right! I couldn’t believe it either, until I tried it myself.


2.      Universal Travel Adapter

I can’t believe how convenient this little device is. Just to have that feeling of safety no matter where you are in the world, your important devices can be charged without worry.

Amazon carries a variety of universal adapters with prices ranging from $5-30. Since most devices require a USB cable of some sorts to charge. I prefer buying an adapter that has multiple USB slots.


3.      Reusable Water Bottle

This is probably the most important hack, when it comes to traveling. Everybody knows before going in to security check at the airport you must finish or throw away your plastic water bottles.

My favorite thing to do is bring my Hydro flask with me where ever I travel. Buying water bottles inside the airport can get expensive. With your Hydro Flask you can fill it up as much as you like and your water will stay cold for a long time. Also you are being environmentally friendly by not using plastic, So it’s a win-win situation.


4.      Taxis can get expensive

A taxi ride from point A to B might be cheap for a one way ride, but if you keep getting taxis multiple times through out the day, it starts to add up and can get expensive.

The best way to save money on transportation is to get a day pass for a train or a bus. Trains usually make frequent stops through out the city and buses have multiple routes all around the city. This way you will be able to save money and can take part in other activities.

5.      Flight search on “Private Browsing” or “Incognito Mode”

I can’t recommend how important this little hack is. Whenever you are browsing the Internet for cheap flights switch your browser to “incognito mode”. This stops websites from giving you higher prices. Flight websites track your cookies in your browser and  give you higher prices every time you visit them, this is because of impulse buying. Thinking you will book a flight before it goes up even further in price. So please, please, please use “incognito mode” or “private browsing”


6.      Mark Your Bag as Fragile

If you are packing delicate items that are made of glass or any electronics that are fragile. The Best thing to do is mark your bag as Fragile. Stickers can range up to 30 dollars for some, so the best way to do it just print an image from google images and tape it on your bag.

Also, this way the crew will put your bag up last on top of the pile and will receive it first in baggage claim carousel.


7.      Scan your Passport

This one is pretty simple. People lose stuff all the time, and I am not saying you will. But sometimes things go wrong and you have to be ready when they do. Before leaving on your trip, email yourself a copy of your Passport, Driver License, and even your plane ticket.

8.      Dryer Sheets and Plastic Bag

When you are on the move laundry is hard to come by. Those dirty clothes can make your bag smell over time. Put some scented dryer shot in your bag to keep it smelling fresh. Don’t forget to put some empty plastic bags to put your dirty clothes in.

Pro tip: Turn your clothes inside out to keep from wearing the same ones again.


9.      Google maps offline

Wi-Fi is hard to come by when traveling. This is where google maps becomes your best friend. Before you go anywhere download the map of the area and you could use that offline with no internet.

  1. Open Google Maps

  2. Search your destination

  3. Click Menu Button (see pic below)

  4. Click Offline Maps (see pic below)

  5. Choose “select your own map” (see pic below)

  6. Make sure you destination is in the box and click download (see pic below)


10.  Stay at Hostels instead

If you are on a budget and looking to save some money on accommodations, stay at a hostel instead. Hotels can charge a lot of money for a night; most destinations now have hostels for backpackers for about $10 – $30 a night. The other upside of staying at a hostel is you get to meet a lot of new people who are traveling through and most people are very friendly.

I hope these hacks make your travels easier and safer

Happy Travels! 🙂

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