An Easy guide to hiking Angel’s Landing

Angel’s Landing is one of the toughest hikes in the United States. It is by no means an easy hike. Therefore, I will provide you with a quick and easy guide for one of the most highly endurance paced hikes in the world.

Zion national Park is visited by 4.3 million tourists ever year and over half of them attempt the Angle’s Landing Hike. The hike is difficult and not recommended to anyone that has a serious fear of heights. The hike starts across from the Grotto Trailhead, the 6th stop on the Zion canyon shuttle.

Hike Details

  • Difficulty: Extremely strenuous, not recommend for individuals with serious fear of heights
  • Distance: 5 mile round trip
  • Time: 4-5 hour round trip
  • Location: The Grotto Trailhead
  • Elevation Gain: 1500 feet
  • Season: Angels’s Landing is open to hikers year around, but is not recommended during the winter if the trails are icy and slippery.

Before Hiking…

Before you embark on your journey for the hike of a life time. I recommend doing some cardio activities in the gym or outside. The whole point behind this is to build up your cardiovascular endurance for the hike. Before heading out on any major hike or road trip, I make sure to spend at least one week in the gym switching up my routine with HIIT training or Circuit workouts.

Pack Light!

The best way to ensure you make it to the top is by minimizing the weight load on your legs and back. Only pack what you need. Take a few bottles of water, some protein or granola bars, and some fruits (apple’s or orange’s are the best for a hike).

If you are taking a camera like me, make sure to only take the gear you are absolutely going to use. I took my Sony A7riii, 16-35mm lens, and a light tripod. Packing light will ensure that I don’t put a heavy strain on my body and will keep me going for a long time.

Start early

We started our day at 9 am and took the Zion Canyon Shuttle to The Grotto Trailhead and were on our way. Being early means much of the valley is still in the shade and cooler until the sun warms it up. It can tend to get hot, especially during the summer season.

Walter’s Wiggles

Walter’s Wiggles is a set of 21 switchbacks that are very steep and will present a challenge for any climber. This is the real challenge before the view point where the HIIT and Circuit training comes to pay off.

Scout’s Lookout

Just after the switchbacks is Scout’s Lookout, giving you a view of the the whole canyon. Restrooms are available at the lookout point. This is where most people take a break before finishing the hike or if you are afraid of heights this is where you turn around.

The Last 1/2 mile

The last 1/2 miles is what makes Angel’s Landing the most visited hike in Zion National Park. With 1000 ft drop off on both sides, some places are 2 feet wide that require to hang onto the chains bolted into the rocks. The path up Angel’s Landing gives its intimidating reputation and a thrill for some individuals.

Also know as “Hogsback,” the gigantic rock is crowded with thrill seekers. Be careful when you cross path with another hiker and always make sure you are properly secured before you cross. Always hang on to the chain and never let go when climbing, also do not rush the climb be patient and calm. After climbing the Hogsback, it is a flat walk to the viewpoint. Take in the view, relax and enjoy before heading back down.

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