How to Prepare for a 10+ Hour Flight

Whether you’re traveling for work, fun or family, a long flight is rarely something people look forward to. It’s not enjoyable to be stuck in a seat for that long, even if you can nap and chill out during your trip.

Long flights are sometimes unavoidable, so if you have one coming up, now’s the time to prepare for it. What will you do to keep yourself comfortable and entertained?

Read on for a few strategies that will help you prepare for a 10+ hour flight. Using these tips will make your journey as easy as possible, so you can get through it and enjoy what you have planned at your destination.

1. Upgrade if Possible

Many people must make their ticket choice based on their travel budget. You may be working with limited company funds to pay for your flight, or you could have purchased your ticket out of pocket.

The first thing you should do is see if you can upgrade your seat. Call the airline ahead of time and talk with them about options. You may have flier miles to trade in or a discount you could take advantage of. An upgraded seat will give you additional comfort and legroom that will matter a few hours into your flight.

2. Carry Very Little

Almost everyone brings a carry-on bag. It allows you to have what you need without forcing you to get out of your seat and get stuff from the overhead bin.

That works great during short flights, but not for longer ones. A carry-on bag will only decrease your legroom and make things more cramped. Instead, consider carrying the essentials on you in your pockets. An eye mask, a snack and even your phone will all fit, so you can hold your laptop or tablet and still have room to stretch out.

3. Wear Your Comfiest Clothing

One of the biggest reasons people hate long flights is because of mild to moderate stress factors. What you wear is one of the sneakiest ways tension can make its way onto your flight.

Beat this stress by wearing your comfiest clothing, like stretchy pants and a warm sweatshirt. Make sure to wear something you can stay cool or warm up in, since temperatures on planes can vary.

Comfy clothes keeping your stress levels down is another way to remain calm during turbulence. The more comfortable you are, the less you’ll worry about a little bumpiness during your ride.


4. Buy Electrolyte Solutions

More than 10 hours is basically an entire day, which you wouldn’t normally go through without a fair amount of water. If you want to minimize your intake without leaving yourself dehydrated, buy drinks with electrolytes at the airport. You can take them on the plane after you get through security and not become dehydrated during your flight.

Settle in for the Long Haul

Electrolytes, comfy clothing and a basic seat upgrade are just a few of the ways you can make a long flight easier on yourself before you ever step foot on your plane.

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